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Race-Day Winner

Our newest product but also the most tested. We had to test this product extensively throughout the US and Canada to make sure it was safe & 100% legal. We had literally a hundred trainers' use it before we could announce it as 'good to go'. Race-Day Winner is 100% legal and it is safe. It prevents lactic acid from building up in the blood and slowing down your horse. However, you should NOT use it every race. If you use it for 2-3 races then you should give your horse a race or two off. 4 oz in a

drench, 8 hours out.

3 ½ lbs (14 races) $150       7 lbs (28 races) $300

Energy Extreme

Liquid pre-race to pick a horse up before a race. 2oz. into the mouth 8 hours out and you will be amazed at the change. Warning: Some trainer's think if 2oz is good that 4oz would be better….wrong! It has been tried and usually the horse will be so "high" and on the bit that he will ram his face into the gate because he can't wait to 'go'. If you try this product, please keep this in mind. Call the 800 number if you have any questions at all.

      $150 32 races $300

Siberian Ginseng

Only the most expensive and effective natural, wild Siberian Ginseng is used in our unique mixture designed for the horse athlete. Siberian Ginseng has several effects which relate directly to athletic performance.

  • decreases lactic acid level

  • increases glycogen storage

  • increases energy potential

  • maximizes oxygen usage

  • regenerates energy stores and tissues

An excellent mix with EQUI-CARB, Ginseng can also help relieve the stresses of nervous and hard to handle horses.

2 lbs $80           6 lbs $200

To Order 1-800-227-2987

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